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Alfie Go Green

On Thursday April 15th, ALIFE hosted the first “ALIFE SESSIONS” of the 2010 season in its Rivington Street courtyard. Titled “GO GREEN”, this time Alife was honored to present CYPRESS HILL and NINJASONIK as performing guests and FISCHERSPOONER as guest DJs.

¬†As an added bonus, Ricky Powell kept things interesting as the evening’s MC, while DJ NIRE entertained between acts. The event celebrated 420, the date of both Ninjasonik and Cypress Hill’s new album releases, among other things. As usual, Alife created a themed atmosphere: Green walls, green grass and a commisioned two-story tall mural that reflected the spirit of 420.

In addition, and in line with Alife Session tradition, a comemorative “concert” T-shirt was also created. See pictures below.

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