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Introducing Cilli Puddie


It is our pleasure to introduce our company, Cilli Puddie, an apparel line infused with style, passion, charisma, honesty, voice, wit and excitement with a simple goal to not allow people, things, style, or ideas to define you. Cilli Puddie has joined your digital neighborhood with the well-anticipated launch of

Cilli Puddie designs offer you the opportunity to march to the beat of your own drum while being the master of your own destiny. Our store offers a complete and diverse line of clothing for both women and men. Designs by Cilli Puddie are not made for a specific individual, but for all who are opposed to conforming. Therefore, we are able to offer to our customers a wide range of timeless designs that embody style, individuality, and vivacity. You can check our website to view items we currently have available.

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  1. Enid
    01. Mar, 2010 at 11:12 am #

    I feel the diversity that the clothing line has to offer definitely brings an eclectic taste to any crowd . Its playful , yet , sophisticated. Cilli Puddie , will be a new article added to my attire :) , they have my vote

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