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iphone Fashion Dictionary Launches

Finally, a fashion dictionary! The renowned publisher “Fachverlag Schiele & Schön”, based in Berlin, launches the dictionary for clothing and fashion as an app for iPhone and iPod touch. It will be a helpful assistant if you need a professional translation for technical terms.

Or do you know straightaway that for example pirate trousers means in German Caprihose or in Italian pantaloni alla pescatora? If you had difficulties in translation up to now it will assist you from now on. The new app makes it possible!

The dictionary includes about 8.000 technical terms of the categories: fashion, clothing, underwear, and stylish accessory in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. You will find up to date fashion-terms like shaded stripe and cargo style as well as fundamental terms like sleeve hem, revers etc.

Everytime and everywhere you can look up a word and use it. The terms are arranged in alphabetical order and connected with the terms according to the other languages. Results will be displayed after only entering the 2nd character.
An absolute must for everyone who searched desperately for technical terms in a foreign language and who hasn’t found them in expensive standard works so far!

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