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Introducing BadAsHell Clothing ┬áis a fairly new, but fast growing t-shirt company striving to reinvigorate the current crowd sourcing tee shirt phenom. We’re here to get all niche like and bring a few specific styles of art, Our goal is to foster a close-knit community of artists, where designers will specialize in submitting the Unapologetic, Psychedelic, BOLD, AvantGarde, and of course Quality Artsy type designs from around the world.

We offer the chance for artists and the community to interact and inspire each other to really push themselves to develop their respective styles. The idea for our website was born from a mutual recognition that most of these t-shirt sites are taking a very broad approach on their art styles and will practically sell any design that’s thrown their way.

It seems that our competitors’ philosophy is one that heavily emphasizes quantity rather than quality. We are here to specialize in a small sect, and we know what makes a really great t-shirt is great art! So join out site, submit a tee shirt design, rate or buy a tee!

Or if you’re interested in setting up a promotional event with our
community of artists, don’t hesitate to contact us directly

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