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RANDR Tees – Winter Series 2009

“Winter is upon us and has inspired us to infuse our newest series with a hint of the season at its soul. We decided for the set to adopt a crisper and chilly color palette, removing complication from tones, and adding bold lines. We really could not have accomplished this task without the help of Rob Barber, 126 Design Studio, Yehteh, and Joey Irizarry who coordinated with us for the last several months to bring this project to fruition.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about where we are going in the future, as there is a lot of variety of designs and people are excited to know exactly what’s next for RANDR.

What we can promise, is that we will continue to resist conforming to one style, or backing ourselves into a corner where we cannot explore our artistic growth. Look closely in any of our designs and you’ll see the story of our brand. We are bold, creatively conspired, and unique, never conforming, and always printing what we love.

We’ve come a long way and are proud of what we have achieved. We definitely aren’t going to stop now. So to answer the question, what’s next? More more more. What’s that you ask? Well, strap in, hold on, and join us for the ride.

The nine new designs included in our winter series are offered through our site at Mailing list members get discounts on all series shirts so if you’re interested in getting some great deals, join up.”



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