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Brand Profile: DOXA

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DOXA was birthed in the summer of 2008 when Roman Kovalchuk and Chris Howland discovered one another’s mutual appreciation for clothing. The two guys from Jersey – a pastor/car enthusiast and a musician/skateboarder, wanted to make their dent in the world, by showing people that everyone has an enormous amount of potential and purpose in them. Further discussion led to the idea that clothing is in fact powerful. The two saw that clothing held the potential to be more than just decorative, but in fact influential and thought-provoking.

“We saw that clothing possessed the potential the express ideas and challenge/shape culture. So after some prayerful consideration, the decision was made to pool resources and begin the company: DOXA. (The word DOXA is actually the greek word for ‘Glory’, and can be defined as opinion/view in addition to splendor/brightness).”

Inspired by God, people, changing their culture, and positive thinking, DOXA strives to express their message through the medium of t-shirts – encouraging people everywhere to pursue their purpose.

To view DOXA’s full range of apparel, check out their webstore at:

DOXA apparel

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