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Brand Profile: Ivory Skies

Ivory Skies logo

Ivory Skies is a relatively new indie t-shirt label fresh out of London, operated by Carlo Salanitri and his partner David Davutovic. Their first collection named “Ebony & Ivory” uses their own amazing cut that fits brilliantly, and is made using high-quality cotton fabric. In addition, pride is taken in each garment created giving priority to comfort, durability and last but not least, a damn good looking tee.

“When you think of Ivory Skies, think of a triangle. At one point of the triangle, you got your “freeky deeky”, in one point stands “funking rock” and in the last point of the triangle you got the “uber fashionista”. Ivory Skies is an indie designer t-shirt company that represents the whole triangle as one unit. A label that combines rare ancient work with our own sweet designer cuts. We bring to life what is considered dead and revive it into a rocked out, funked out state of life – the sickest blend of ultra vintage and new age fashion.”

-Ivory Skies

New releases from Ivory Skies will be arriving soon, and they are sticking to their plan of releasing different colors and even better designs. So head on over to their website at: and check out the full range of available apparel!

Ivory Skies tee

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