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Brand Profile: Faze Apparel

Faze Apparel is headed by three San Francisco college graduates: Matthew Abfalter, Herbert Gracia, and Johnny Travis, who all have a passion for fashion, design, and culture. The company was founded in 2007 and is located in the heart of San Francisco, CA.

To shed a little more light about the brand’s background, the word “FAZE” is an acronym for “Fearless and Zealous Everyday”, which is the mantra that the founders abide by. In fact, Faze is more than a brand, it’s a mentality. More specifically, Faze is a passionate, conscious clothing company that uses cultural themes with harmonious color schemes. Faze’s primary influence is their city (San Francisco), with its diversity and respect for various cultures and backgrounds. With that in mind, the brand seeks to target those who have a respect and appreciation for all cultures, as well as the price-conscious consumer who wants to get their hands on an original fashion piece at an original price.

For more info, check out You can also follow them via their blog, myspace, and twitter.

Faze Apparel Fall Line Banner

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