RSS Feed Bi-Weekly Winner + Pure Imagination Update‘s latest bi-weekly competition winner is Suburbanhijinx, a talented artist from USA, with his mind-blowing t-shirt design “Please Stand by for Total Planetary Destruction.” This design is inspired by reality TV and Fallout 3 and represents the broadcast of the apocalypse in CMYK of course! The designer loves using suited figures with TVs and radios as heads, and thinks the end of the world will be decided by a suited person of authority!

A few words from the designer:

“I design to escape the monotony of urban life! Each design packs its own story to tell, and I leave it up to the consumer to find their own meaning from it. If you look deep enough into the designs, you can see that most carry some sort of subliminal social message…or just look really freakin sweet! (at least to me!)”

The tee can be purchased here. tee "Please Stand by for Total Planetary Destruction"

Secondly,’s teen bursary competition, “Pure Imagination”, has finally ended. Secondary school students had the chance of entering a design in teams of two, one to market the design and the other to create it, in the hope of winning two 3-year bursaries to the prestigious AAA School of Advertising. Our lucky winners are Amber Myers (designer) and Liam Kelly (marketer) from Westerford High School in Cape Town. They received the most votes in the competition for Amber’s design “Cock Market: Foul Play on Wall Street”. Pure Imagination Winners pics

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