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Brand Profile: Originators Clothing

Originators Clothing was founded by Adam Bach out of Los Angeles, and is largely regarded as the original Hip-Hop Streetwear Brand started in 2003. Their first store recently opened in LA by the Fairfax district at:

The Originators Store LA
142 North Hayworth Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90048

“The Originators is committed to the education of the early years of Hip-Hop, honoring the DJs, MCs, Writers, and B-Boys that helped pave the way for a culture. They laid the foundation, and it is our foal that they not be forgotten.”

-Originators Clothing

To get more info on Originators Clothing, visit their website, myspace, and twitter. Below is just a small sample of the available designs. Visit their online webstore for the full collection.

Originators Clothing line sheet

Originators Clothing line sheet

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