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Brand Profile: Graf Limited

David Meister (CEO) and Jonathan Messina (President) have fully launched Graf Limited, a new clothing label featuring high-end quality fashion tees with exclusive urban street graphics by several of the original IRT subway graffiti artists in NYC.

The company was first launched September 17th, 2008 out of Brooklyn, NY, and is now in full effect. Featuring unique designs by notable graffiti artists, including Sexer and Zimad, Graf Limited takes their apparel to the next level of originality.

Both Sexer and Zimad are originally from the South Bronx, and began their interest in art at a young age. “My first creations were what some would call awful, others would call a crime, and what my peers at the time and I called graffiti,” writes Zimad. Sexer and Zimad are still recognized as two of the most prolific graf artists on the East coast. Both have gone on to exhibit in galleries, and their designs have graced billboards and ad campaigns all over the country. Now Graf Limited is adding apparel to that list.

To get more info on Graf Limited and to check out their full range of apparel, visit their website at:

Graf Limited tee

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