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Brand Profile: Venga! Venga!

Venga! Venga! logo

Venga! Venga! was founded by David Sempier in late ’08 to early ’09, and is based out of Hamburg, New Jersey. The company’s long-term goal is to design shirts for bikers/triathletes across the country, as well as for surfers. Although the brand was just recently formed, they have done custom work for a few diners, landscapers, bike teams, bike shops, and a sneaker company. In addition, Venga! Venga! also offers a custom design option and wholesale pricing for any business.

Venga! Venga! currently screen prints all their designs, as opposed to using transfers. They really appreciate the true “ink” texture, and also utilize a “one of a kind” design where hand-dyed shirts are used. So, each shirt has the same ink design, but are always unique in their own right. To get more info on this brand and to view their complete line of apparel, visit

Venga! Venga! apparel

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