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Brand Profile: Cashletes

Cashletes is operated by AJ and Moust Camara out of New Jersey. Founded in early 2009, the brand is inspired by the practice and glory of competitive sports and the American dream of well-earned financial success. A Cashlete is a person who is trained or skilled at money-making and contends for massive wealth on a journey to higher earning. Cashletes is the official team merchandise of The Financial Champions League, and is a product of love for the game. The brand consists of a variety of classic sports-inspired pieces including baseball caps, jackets, and t-shirts.

“Growing up on athletics, we gained plenty of knowledge on the steps to becoming a good athlete. We were also always putting our creative skills to work and looking for ways to gain financial freedom. Now the concept of building wealth reminds us a lot of the concept of sports. A great athlete is very similar to a wealthy entrepreneur. We decided to put together a sportswear line based on these principles. Fans of sportswear ourselves, we pay close attention to detail and quality when it comes to our own products.”


Cashletes offers a product line that reflects classic sportswear and merchandising, but with an added twist of money-mindedness. The brand does not follow fads or trends and is focused on producing versions of timeless pieces that have been around for decades. Their products are designed with simplicity and appeal to sports fans and money fans alike. Since they also create products based on popular states and cities, consumers jump at the chance to represent their respective hometowns.

To get more information on Cashletes and to check out their full range of apparel, visit their website, online webstore, myspace, and twitter.

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