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tFuse Discount Code + Official Launch Date

tFuse has notified us that their official launch will be on July 6th. They will be planning to give free promo tees on that day, so stay tuned for updated info in the near future. For now, they will continue their “1 Design per Week” program, with $10 pre-order sales.

If you sign up w/ tFuse, you will automatically be added to their “Referred By” list on the checkout page. If you create an account, and people sign up having been “Referred” by you, you will be paid $2/shirt. This is called the “Partner Program”, and checks will be sent in increments of $100.

Also as a special bonus, all Clothing Wire readers can receive 10% off their tFuse purchases by using the promocode: TF3GY

tFuse apparel screenshot

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  1. FuseKing
    09. Jun, 2009 at 8:13 am #

    Thanks Jonathan…cool post…straight to the point! We’re probably going to have a big cookout (Maryland)…let me know if you’re in the area =)

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