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Brand Profile: Finroo

Finroo logo

Finroo is operated by Eric Yohay, Kevin Sandhu, and Black Curwen out of Cambridge, MA. Founded in January ’09, the brand represents a new twist on clothing where everything is printed in limited batches of 100, with each print’s actual number featured inside each garment. In addition, a portion of proceeds are saved for donations.

“Finroo, which stands for *Final Round*, is more than just a limited edition t-shirt company. It’s a clothing company for trend-setting people who don’t follow the crowd.

Finroo is the first of its kind to produce limited edition designs on high-quality, organic, bamboo silk. Trendy individuals can sift through the wide collection of designs, choose their favorites and get a product that is as unique as they are. If that wasn’t enough, a portion of all profits are donated to charity.

Finroo’s products are real limited edition products, with works by up and coming artists. Not only does the site let users know how many products are in stock, but each item is printed with a unique number corresponding to its design count.

Finroo’s mission is to provide T-shirts for people who don’t follow the crowd. Their limited edition style complements the lifestyles of artists and trend setters: a style that swims against the tide.”

To get more information on Finroo and to check out their full line of apparel, visit their website. In addition, Finroo works with freelance artists to have them upload to the website. So if you’re interested, shoot them an email at:

Finroo website screenshot

3 Responses to “Brand Profile: Finroo”

  1. erin
    24. Jul, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    looks like a cool site with nice gear!

  2. Stephanie
    25. Jul, 2009 at 10:06 am #

    love the uniqueness of the product – great site!

  3. Alexander Hale
    25. Jul, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

    They have a wonderful selection T-Shirts.

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