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Site Showcase: teepay

teepay is a new online t-shirt community that has been designed to support and profit anyone who submits their artwork. 10% of the price on each tee shirt will go back to the designer, or their chosen charity in the form of a royalty check. The checks get paid out on the 10th of each month. There is no cap on success, and the more they sell the  more they earn for themselves or their charity.

The concept is very simple:

The designer decides what they would like to print on a tee shirt. They upload their design(s) to the site. Then, they can market it however they want to whomever they want. To help them sell, howies‘® will actively promote individual designs. They will then print the tee shirts with the most orders onto organic tees (highest orders anticipated to be around the 50+ mark). Design rights remain with the designer, and everyone gets a piece of the cake; simple.

Visit today to check it out!

Teepay website screenshot

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