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ShirtFight Weekly Update

The new champ for the $500 5/14 Shirt Fight theme “Good vs. Evil” is Gaunty, with his shirt design “Wee man and the masters of the puny verse.” Wee man got tough through years of bullying. This outstanding creation is on a special perorder sale right now for only $15.

The handpicked Top 10 Heavyweights for 5/14 can be seen here.

The new $500 Shirt Fight theme for 5/14 is “The Letter T”. This week’s Shirt Fight contest is to design anything you want, as long as it starts with the letter “T”! A winner will be announced May 21st (Thursday) at midnight CST. Good luck!

In addition, Shirt Fight is happy to announce that due to requests, they now have larger print options available (17.25” x 23.5”). Metallic ink foils and full color process printing is also available. So take advantage of all their new shirt designs and check out the difference in sizing here.

ShirtFight Wee man and the masters of the puny verse tee

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    19. May, 2009 at 1:50 pm #

    Awesome post as usual Jon, THANK you for all your hard work! We love this week winner and can’t wait to see it printed… :)

  2. Christian Vidaurrazaga
    22. May, 2009 at 10:04 am #


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