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Brand Profile: LUDWIG

LUDWIG is a premium casual brand that aspires to something better. LUDWIG draws inspiration from and pays homage to one of the greatest minds of all time: Ludwig van Beethoven. Despite being deaf in his later years, Beethoven crafted beautiful music through hard work and a life-long commitment to quality and art. Likewise, LUDWIG endeavors to maximize output and deliver high-quality and uniquely styled streetwear that is true to its own vision.

LUDWIG emerged from the ashes of SUBFREAKIE (1996-2003), the seminal streetwear brand known for its ingenuity and style. Former SUBFREAKIE head Mike Dytri partnered in late 2007 with FORDBRADY’s Willard Ford to bring a new twist to the streetwear scene. The partnership bloomed into a corporation in 2008 when Robert Nam joined the team to add his formidable experience in fulfillment and online sales.

High quality tees and cut-and-sew originals provide a completely new take on the streetwear scene. Taking style cues from the classics, with graphics that are used powerfully, yet sparingly, LUDWIG is for the sophisticated, renaissance-type man; a man who insists on an original and thoughtfully composed aesthetic. At LUDWIG, innovation rules and creativity is encouraged. Think Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew verses Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony…with a wry Clockwork Orange sense of humor thrown in for good measure. LUDWIG does not listen to what the trend is playing or playing out. Function, comfort, and originality define LUDWIG.

LUDWIG is located in the 722 FIGUEROA showroom at the historic Kim Sing Theatre in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Find LUDWIG is select boutiques around the world and online at

LUDWIG store flyer

LUDWIG apparel LUDWIG apparel
LUDWIG apparel LUDWIG apparel

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