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ShirtFight Weekly Update

ShirtFight has finally worked out their “ShareASale” affiliate program, which pays you 20% commission on all sales. A 60-day tracking system is in place, so you’ll receive credit anytime someone buys a shirt in the next 60 days. Plus, if you recruit others to be affiliates, you get an additional 25% of their commision.

ShirtFight’s shareasale link can be found here.

In other ShirtFight news, the winner for this week’s $500 Shirt Fight “Hidden & Subliminal Messages” is Sassatattoo with his shirt “Rats live on no evil star” which is on sale this week for only $15 (6 bucks off regular price). This design is unbelieveable. The title is a palindrome, there’s hidden faces and words in the design, flipping the design upside down reveals another face, and yet another glow-in-the-dark face appears if you turn out the lights. The amount of detail put into this design is insane!

This week’s handpicked Top 10 Heavyweights for 4/9 can be seen here.

The new $500 Shirt Fight theme for 4/9 is “Miss Etti’s Birthday”. This Shirt Fight is simple: Design something that Miss Etti would like. Need a hint? Check out the birthday wish list.

ShirtFight "Rats live on no evil star"

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    14. Apr, 2009 at 8:55 am #

    Awesome post Liam, thank you *so* much!!! I can’t wait to see this shirt printed… What an amazing artist this guy Sassa is and a super nice guy. If you want to check the Brazilian master interview just go to our blog:

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