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Brand Profile: Southern Brand

Southern Brand, a lifestyle label evoking the Blues, BBQ, Outlaw Country Music and the lore of the American South, has launched its line of Lil’ Ones vintage t-shirts for children as well as Southern Belle and Southern Man lines for adults. These sweet tees and other Southern items, like cowhide koozies, are available for purchase online at Southern Brand’s webstore.

Already available at boutiques in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami, Southern Brand features classic design tenets of the south and images of rural Americana including noble critters, roadside BBQ shacks, the blues highway, old wooden letterpress show posters and phrases born of tradition, hard work and good livin’. Southern Brand tees are Vintage Soft and weathered feelin’. And each shirt is individually tagged with its own story.

“We figured there weren’t enough people out there makin’ the kinda shirts we were always lookin’ for. The kinda tees that feel like they been washed a thousand times with love by your mama, then hung to dry on the clothesline out back, just swayin’ in the fresh summer breeze. T-shirts that are simple, bold, and uniquely Southern. Not all that crazy, over the top printing on every inch including the armpit of the too-tight fashion tee. And not all that rebel flag, south’s-gonna-do-it-again-southern that somehow seems to be all ya get when you google ‘southern t-shirts”

Created by two buddies looking to recall their Southern roots and pass ’em on to their children and friends, Southern is a down home guide to Southern culture and good livin’ through music, film, food, travel and books. “We wanted to create a place for the Southern that we know” says Chris Romero. “Small town America. Life through amber-tinted glasses. The sweet, smoky taste of some real pit BBQ. The steely sound of a slide guitar. The rumble of an old pick-up truck down a muddy dirt road. Sittin’ on the front porch sippin’ sweet tea, spittin’ watermelon seeds and pickin’ a tune.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Southern Brand go to the Music Maker Foundation helping American Blues musicians meet their basic needs and granting emergency relief, while establishing programs to help keep the blues alive for future generations.

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