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Brand Profile: Gully Goon

Gully Goon banner

Gully Goon, owned by Turahn “Mr. 25/8” Gilliam and Ju Campbell, is a brand based out of Detroit, Michigan. The company is operated by 7-10 members specializing in different departments at any one time. And, because of its location, it is heavily influenced by the growing street apparel market in the mid-west.

The concept of Gully Goon was formed in early 2007, when the sole-proprietor Turahn made a conscious decision to start a line that would allow its supporters/customers to be daring, be individuals, and feel rewarded by looking fly while doing so; thus making it a lifestyle express through fashion. Eventually in 2008, he decided to add on Ju Campbell as Co-CEO, as well as a group of artistic individuals who decided to merge their backgrounds of web design, fashion design, music production, illustration, and more, into one project. Throughout 2009, the company has plans to be in full effect, and gain the respect of many within their community, placing themselves among the top lines in street apparel.

Since the brand’s initial start, Gully Goon has used its ever-growing network to give back and assist in the careers of models, recording artists, athletes, artists, and more. Because of the vertical movement of their line, Turahn and Ju have been able to take on other business ventures, such as a record label, social site, promoting and more creating jobs and/or recreational activity in their communities. They hope to continue to be a catalyst for other’s success as they continue to do the same.

You can check out Gully Goon at their myspace, online store, or at Turahn’s blog.

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