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Want to Start a Clothing Line?

Have you ever wanted to start your own clothing line and sell shirts and other apparel? Now you can learn what it takes from Gino Orlandi, founder of Color Overload, a successful clothing line. Gino, who also runs a popular t-shirt blog, has a decade of experience designing, marketing, and blogging about apparel.

His new ebook titled “Fuel for Design” will teach you all about:

* How to Setup a Website and Online Store System
* Professional Blogging Advice for Clothing Line Owners
* The Best and Easiest Way to Ship Your Products
* A Sample T-Shirt Business Cost Breakdown
* Elements Every Good Logo Must Have
* The Pros and Cons of T-Shirt Fulfillment Services
* Hot Tips for SEO Optimization No Designer Should Be Without
* Google Secrets to Ranking in the Top of Search Engines
* Essential Offline Guerilla Marketing Techniques
* Cutting-Edge Online Marketing Tactics
* And Much, Much More!

If you’ve always wondered about how to start a clothing line, check out this ebook by Gino Orlandi, on sale for a limited time.

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