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Brand Profile: FAQ

FAQ was founded in 2008 by Sam Iravani, a designer and architecture school graduate. Based out of Los Angeles, California, the brand focuses on producing hot t-shirts for any occasion, and targets anyone who is on the risk-taking side (not afraid to make heads turn and look at what they’re wearing).

Sam first started designing tees as a hobby about two years ago. Since he was still in school at the time, it wasn’t considered a main priority, and there was no path that he was set straight on. After finishing school, Sam became more aware of exactly how he wanted to execute his designs, and began focusing most of his time into them. Eventually eight designed emerged (out of twenty concepts), and he started silk screening them onto tees himself. Management, production, and a website soon followed.

“Our motto is to be minimal but at the same time, big, bold & colorful. We think that you can always make a strong statement with a simple and beautifully well designed image.

The first thing that really ever caught my eye and inspired me was the Justice video “Dance”. I think I watched that video about a thousand times, scrutinizing it to death. The tshirt designs in that video are very simplistic & colorful, they have a sense of juvenility & completely different from anything that’s out there, in a really good way of course. But I think in general, Electronic music is what influences me the most. Anywhere from Justice to Daft Punk, to Surkin & Digitalism, just to name a few. (For some reason, I can visualize designs by listening to music…kind of weird.) Graphic design is also another huge influence.

I’m always looking at other artists work to see what’s in, as far as shapes, colors & forms. But I think pop culture in general is what I pay attention to the most. I’ve always been a huge fan & I doubt that I’d be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for it. I think that to be in this industry, you have to be aware of your surroundings & know what is out there & what is lacking.”

-Sam Iravani

To check out apparel by FAQ, visit their webstore at: You can also head on over to their blog, and stay current on updates from the brand.

FAQ line sheet

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  1. kat
    17. Jan, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    I featured these shirts too and bought Oliver which has been a great success. These shirts are really fresh and different. Nice post! 😉

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