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PCTS Jewelry 2nd Collection

The peas are back! Pease, Corn & Tomato Sauce has released their second collection of playful jewelry, this time with a dark side. Entitled “our worst fear is to be normal,” the collection consists of such themes as army men battles, knights, and dolls that loose their limbs.

Gav Feilding, one of the duo behind the label Loz & Gav, says:

The new collection takes a bit of a darker edge from our first range. Everyone’s saying “color, color, color,” so we’re saying “darker, darker, darker,” but we’ll throw some old school fun in for all the lovers.

What started out as a bit of fun has now turned into something more with the success of the first collection, ‘Peas “heart” death metal, Corn “heart” funky disco’. The collection turned Peas, Corn & Tomato Sauce into a national business within weeks. And since then, orders have come from over the world, including U.S. and London. ‘Our worst fear is to be normal’ is set to push the label even further with its twisted take on childhood toys.

You can find Peas, Corn & Tomato Sauce at Libertine, Mt Lawley, Pigeonhole in Perth, Gallery 696 in Brunswick, Melbourne and online at

Peas, Corn & Tomato Sauce press release photo

Peas, Corn & Tomato Sauce press release photo

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