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Brand Profile: Pureharmony

Pureharmony Clothing, based out of Logan, Utah, was founded in October 2008 by Jacob Actkinson. The brand has a simple philosophy: “simple, yet rad.” Pureharmony’s apparel stays away from cluttered prints and oversized graphics, and instead focuses on creating a flow and simple harmony. Designs are targeted mostly towards skaters, BMX riders, and those in the surf scene, and everything is printed on high quality American Apparel tees.

Jacob grew up around the wakeboard/bmx/skate scene in his area, and was heavily influenced by the culture. Having attended many competitions and skate jams himself, he was able to influence the style to grow, into the apparel he began to create. While attending Utah State University, he developed ideas daily and began to spread the word to others about the Pureharmony brand.

To check out Pureharmony’s apparel, visit their store at:

Pureharmony Clothing apparel

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