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Brand Profile: Pooka

Pooka Clothing, based out of Carbondale, Colorado, was founded in 2007 by Hayden and Brooke Zigurs. The brand is a creative, unique, classic art-driven clothing line. They focus on quality of design and product, and draw inspiration from nature, creation, music, art, thought, and everything in between.

Pooka was formed as a creative outlet for Hayden, a then 12-year old kid with dreams larger than life. His passion for art and creative design led him to the first Pooka sticker. Throughout his educational career, Hayden continued to use his passion in design to create shirts for friends and family. Once out of high school, he turned his passion into a career, and Pooka Clothing Co. was officially started in 2007. Brooke, Hayden’s sister, partnered up with him, and now helps in all aspects of the brand.

Wearing Pooka Clothing represents the true feeling of “the sky is the limit.”

“We believe that Pooka is for the masses, bringing culture together through a common medium.” -Pooka Clothing

To get more info on Pooka Clothing, and to check out their full line of apparel, visit You can also give them a shout at their myspace.

Pooka Clothing shirt

Pooka clothing shirt

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