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Clothing Wire Sponsorship Now Available!

Due to some recent requests, Clothing Wire now has a limited number of advertising slots available for those who wish to sponsor us on a month-to-month basis. There are a total of four 148×148 banner-ad squares and ten text-link slots on the website. Click here to find out what slots are still available for purchase (always up-to-date). Payments are accepted via Paypal. All questions/comments/inquiries regarding sponsorship can be emailed to us at:

Our current ad pricing is as follows:

148×148 Banner-Ad for $5/month (Total of 4 spots available)
Sponsor Text Link Ad for $1/month (Total of 10 spots available)

This new sponsorship program will serve as an opportunity for brands/companies/individuals to further showcase themselves, to a fashion-focused community. In addition, the names of Clothing Wire sponsors will be featured on our “Sponsor” page.

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