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Brand Profile: Six Foot Owl

Six Foot Owl, founded by Brianne Cirel and Johnie Thornton, is a hand-painted clothing company currently based out of Southern California. The brand creates one-of-a-kind works of art using everyday garments and apparel, as their canvas. Six Foot Owl’s goal is to put original images onto the bodies of original people, and they do this by creating unique original garments, as well as customizing people’s existing apparel.

“We believe that clothing is one of the most expressive forms of self-representation a person can use. Clothes should display the unique set of preferences of what each of us find to be beautiful, or funny, or sexy, or sophisticated. Clothes offer us the opportunity to show other people who we really are…not just that we “heart” New York. After all, in the wise words of Mr. T, “Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt don’t wear clothes with your name on it, so why should you wear their name?”
Why indeed, T … Why indeed.”

-Six Foot Owl

Six Foot Owl has developed a collection of innovative painting techniques that prove to preserve beautifully on clothing. Through their various experimentation with different methods, combined with established procedures, they have developed a unique formula, exclusive to Six Foot Owl.

To get more information on Six Foot Owl and to check out their full line of apparel, visit their website at:

Six Foot Owl guys apparel sheet

Six Foot Owl Girl's Apparel

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  1. Kevin
    29. Oct, 2008 at 12:02 pm #

    I really like these designs. My favorite is the owl in the 3rd column of the guys apparel.

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