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Brand Profile: Mediocore Clothing

Mediocore Clothing logo

Mediocore Clothing was founded by Jonathan Kruse in 2008, out of Los Angeles, California. The brand essentially is all about the things you loved as a kid: the kick-ass Sunday morning cartoons, the awesome 80’s movies you still quote, and the pop culture fades you can’t forget. It’s about cool ideas, originality, and breaking away from designs that have been done to death. Being a small company allows Mediocore Clothing to do what they love: treat each customer as an individual, rather than a dollar sign. You are original, so why shouldn’t your clothes be?

To get more information on Mediocore Clothing, visit their website at: (Store, Blog, Myspace links located on main website).

Mediocore Clothing tee Mediocore Clothing tee
Mediocore Clothing tee Mediocore Clothing shades

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