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Brand Profile: 55DSL

55DSL logo

55DSL was founded in 1994, as an experimental spin-off from the brand Diesel. It quickly became established as a formidable company with its own identity, both complementing and defying its parent. Originally, the line drew inspiration from extreme sports (snow, surf, and skate in particular). But as growth occured, the company blended their desire of sport into urban culture, which is the foundation of today’s “street” style.

Today’s 55DSL garments are designed to be aesthetically stunning, while at the same time being able to resist the toughest elements. Having an instinctive understanding of fashion, the brand’s apparel also focuses on total comfort, leading to a relaxed attitude and open mind.

In a way, the company has a pact with its consumers. They provide their loyalty, and 55DSL provides tools that help them enjoy their lives to the full. Our slogan sums it up: “Live at least 55 seconds per day.” Life moves pretty fast, so grab a slice while you can. It’s not rocket science, but it makes sense to us.


To get more information on 55DSL and to view their full line of apparel, visit their official website/blog at:, and myspace at:

Here is a small sample of 55DSL’s apparel from their Male collection. Be sure to visit their website for the full line, including their Female, Eye Wear, 10.55, and Collabs collections.

55DSL tee 55DSL tee
55DSL hoodie 55DSL hoodie
55DSL cap 55DSL cap

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