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Site Showcase: SilkFair

SilkFair logoSilkFair is the next-generation online marketplace, which makes buying and selling products fun and easy. While the website itself is not focused solely on apparel-related goods (like Big Cartel for example), there are many features which make SilkFair a viable option for any clothing brand, or individual, wishing to create an online shop portal for their customers. In addition to offering users a free store with a unique URL, SilkFair also boasts a bulk uploading system, product sale through video option, blog and forum for each store, integrated payment gateways for Paypal and Google checkout, and much more. And of course, the website has a one-step cart checkout and easy order processing.

SilkFair aims to be the premier e-commerce site for users to buy and sell their goods online, and this is seen through their dedication to constantly providing innovative features and tools. The website in general is very organized for simplicity and ease-of-use, so those who have no experience with e-commerce websites can still jump right into the selling process.

There are a couple features on SilkFair which allow for the discovery of new/related products that fit your taste. One that stands out is the “item browser,” which essentially is a unique visual search tool that allows you to shift through products based on top selling items, top stores, new items, random items, and random stores. This is yet another way that SilkFair is proving to be more than just an e-commerce website.

By providing ways for users to connect to users, and people to connect to products, SilkFair is changing the way we look at e-commerce. By focusing on the user-experience in addition to basic buying/selling necessities, this website is redefining standards of online shopping. So head on over to their website at:, and check it out!

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  1. Jessica
    14. Jul, 2008 at 7:38 am #

    WOW! Thanks for featuring my Silkfair shop as an example. Hope everyone will head over to Silkfair to check it out! It’s a great site for buying and selling!

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