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Site Showcase: Shirts on Sale

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Shirts on Sale is the most visited portal for t-shirt sales and coupons –  pointing daily to sale items at shirt.woot, The Ryde, Shirtaday, and Uneetee. The people behind the company, are in fact, just a bunch of t-shirt enthusiasts who appreciate the concept of limited-offer/inexpensive shirts. Rather than wait around for someone else to create a site that gathers daily tee sales/printers, they decided to do it themselves.

“While most t-shirt coupons and discounts sites are willing to steer you toward just any t-shirt vendor with the most basic information, Shirts on Sale gives you the straight dope on the best tshirt sales, coupons and discounts. We will never send you somewhere that aren’t willing to spend our own hard-earned cash — unless they’re offering a deal that’s too good to pass up of course.”

“Our goal is to bring you only the best discounts from quality boutique graphic teeshirt printers.”

Clothing Wire loves to showcase sites such as “Shirts on Sale”, because they are run by people who genuinely have a love and appreciation of apparel. By providing such a valuable service, they stand out as a website that should be visited by clothing enthusiasts on a regular basis.

In addition to providing regular daily posts on inexpensive/discounted tees, Shirts on Sale features tools that allow visitors to stay informed and connected, including a RSS subscription, “Sales & coupons by date” feature, and a page of never-expiring deals. Shirts on Sale works with great pride and motivation, and is dedicated to providing people with a great service. So, head on over to their site and subscribe! You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

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