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Brand Profile: Tae Ryan Clothing

Tae Ryan Clothing is an emerging brand launched by a fashion designer based out of NYC. With a desire to create something bold and unique, Tae Ryan has dared to go places with designs, that few have seen. They have been able to create visual aesthetic clothing that pushes the boundaries of what consumers have been accustomed to.

Since the launch in May, Tae Ryan has done exactly what it set out to do – inspire people to wear something that is as expressive and unique as they are. The first line produced consists of highly individualized and original designs, which pay tribute to the street graffiti of Manhattan, as well as the old school surf/skate culture of Rockaway Beach, Queens. Since its initial launch, Tae Ryan has sold numerous shirts through their website, and through various boutiques in the Chicago area, including Self-Conscious (1021 W. Lake), Funkshion (2121 W. Division), Thr3ee (1632 W. Division), and Succezz (1329 S. Michigan). In addition, many others within the apparel industry have begun to take notice as well.

Tae Ryan’s designs use discharge ink to give that “super soft” feel, almost as if there was no ink on the shirts at all. Some plastisol inks and felt have been used in some designs, where texture was desired. One hundred percent cotton tees are used, which give that super high-end quality and extreme softness to the garment. Each shirt is screened manually meaning no two shirts are alike, and each will differ slightly in position and color. So when you buy a Tae Ryan tee, you really are buying a one-of-a-kind piece of apparel.

To get more information on Tae Ryan clothing, and to find out exactly locations where you can find their apparel, visit their website at: You can also head on over to their myspace page at:

Tae Ryan clothing photo

Tae Ryan clothing photo Tae Ryan clothing photo

Tae Ryan clothing photo Tae Ryan clothing photo

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