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Brand Profile: Bung Apparel

Bung Apparel was conceived by Andy B. Wallace in 2005, while he was living in Singapore, and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. The brand’s influences are always changing – Initially, Andy was really into 80’s LA Punk, and created apparel because of this fascination. At the moment, he seeks inspiration from mafia movies and the lifestyle of the mob, so his designs reflect this. Many designs from Bung Apparel also come from Andy’s day-to-day life as well.

The idea to start a clothing label came after Andy Wallace and Jarred Sampson spray painted “BUNG” onto some trucker hats. From there, they started making designs and iron-transferring them onto tees to sell to friends. Since then, Bung has moved to Melbourne as a solo project, and the quality of products has gone up from iron-on tees, to screen-printed tees and flex-fit caps.

To get more information on Bung Apparel, visit their website at: You can also visit their myspace at:

Bung Apparel shirt Bung Apparel shirt
Bung Apparel shirt Bung Apparel cap

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