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Dyemond Apparel Louis Vuitton Inspired Millionaire Sunglasses

Dyemond Apparel has just released a new product: “Louis Vuitton Inspired Millionaire Sunglasses. These types of shades are a hot, “must-have”, for the summer and is currently sought-after on the current market. Hollywood celebrities from Pharrell, to Rhianna, to Kanye West have also been wearing these. But why pay $1000 per pair when you can own an inspired version in every color, for a fraction of the price?

Dyemond Apparel’s Louis Vuitton inspired Millionaires come in a variety of colors (including red, blue, black, green, turquoise, purple, pink, orange, and white), an oversized plastic frame, and the signature twin stripes. Get the look of the stars, without the overdrawn bank account. You won’t find a better deal! Head on over to Dyemond Apparel’s online webstore to check them out.

Dyemond Apparel sunglasses Dyemond Apparel sunglasses

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