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Brand Profile: The T-Shirt Gang

The T-Shirt Gang is a company, that spawned from members who ran an online t-shirt magazine. Through their work, the members were able to increase their knowledge on the clothing industry through writing articles, and conducting interviews, and decided to give the clothing business a shot.

The T-Shirt Gang represents the “realest of the real” – cavalier individuals with confidence, money-making mentality, and plans to take over the world. The T-shirt Gang is us and all the other young t-shirt wearing kids out there on the grind, whether it’s clothing, art, music, or whatever money making method they see fit… a family of determined hard workers destined to rule…the unorthodox new generation of business.

The T-shirt Gang’s tees can be bought individually or as a deluxe package. The deluxe package represents the company’s image and lifestyle, and includes a shirt, collectible billion dollar bill, and a pair of aviator sunglasses. Each piece of the package has been carefully chosen to coincide with the T-shirt Gang lifestyle.

To get more information on The T-shirt Gang, and to view their lookbook and online webstore, go to:

The T-Shirt Gang banner

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