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Brand Profile: The Bread Winners

The Bread Winners logo

The Bread Winners is a company based in Pasadena, CA built upon the roots of art, and operated by Jep Martinez (main designer), Sean Jackson, and Charlie Carmichael. Founded in 2006, the three guys had always wanted to build a clothing company that prided itself on quality, and exclusiveness.

The Bread Winners’ apparel targets those who seek to live life without boundaries, and who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Drawing influences from high-end fashion, the brand seeks to become the new “Lacoste” in a sense, and seeks inspiration from Raf Simons, a brilliant designer who is not afraid to completely express himself through art and fashion.

Many public icons have taken a liking to The Bread Winners, including Jay-Z, Steve Stoute, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, and more. Their apparel has also been featured on Etienne Maurice on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” for the Sunday, June 8th episode at 12pm and 7pm pst.

To get more information on The Bread Winners, visit their website at:, and online webstore at:

The Bread Winners shirt The Bread Winners shirt

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