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Brand Profile: Fuzzy Ink

Fuzzy Ink logo

Fuzzy Ink banner

Fuzzy Ink is a new brand launched in May of 2008, which focuses their apparel entirely around “the mustache.” Based out of North Carolina, the company’s current aim is to replace certain mainstream pop culture items of everyday life, with that of the mustache, by providing truly unique apparel.

All products offered by Fuzzy Ink, are one of a kind. Every detail, from the tagless stamp on both the inside/outside of the shirts, to the custom designed print, that has been meticulously done by hand. The company prides itself in having a very dedicated and focused team, which holds each customer to the highest value, and this is evident by the progress they have made so far.

In addition to the company’s unique designs, they also offer a special way for customers to receive a free discount on their orders. Their website features a “Trivia Coupon”, that will give customers about an 11% ($2.00) discount on their order, if answered correctly.

Fuzzy Ink, although just blooming into the apparel industry, is doing so with great dedication, respect, and quality. Stay tuned for future updates on Fuzzy Ink’s news, apparel releases, and more! To get more information on Fuzzy Ink, or to check out their full line of apparel, visit their website at:

Here are some pics of their currently available tees:

Fuzzy Ink tee designs

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