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Brand Profile: Eminence Worldwide

Eminence Worldwide was founded by Dureau Tagatauli and Delvin Duelas, with the help of Josh Gojit and Makani Payo. Located in Los Angeles, CA, as well as Las Vegas, NV, the brand started in the summer of 2006 as an idea, and later became established by a couple friends. They started out locally with a few dozen shirts, selling to friends from California and Las Vegas, and the company soon grew a reputation.

Today, Eminence Worldwide pushes it’s creative talents, to stay on the cutting edge of fashion’s changing trends. Eminence means “a position of great distinction or superiority,” and the brand lives of to their name by being an urban-based apparel company, focused on giving quality to match their prices. The company’s roots are deep with and influenced by skateboarding. To get more information on Eminence Worldwide, visit their myspace at: You can also check out their online webstore at:

Eminence Worldwide shirt Eminence Worldwide shirt
Eminence Worldwide shirt Eminence Worldwide shirt

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