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Brand Profile: EATTHERICH

EATTHERICH is a brand started by Darryl and Craig Young, two brothers originally from Preston, UK. EATTHERICH started as the name of a group of BMXers from the North West, which they were a part of. As time went on and people grew older, Darryl and Craig took the name and applied it to something they felt strongly about. They had always messed around with designs and printed some shirts, and soon saw the potential of what could be accomplished.

EATTHERICH is an ethical clothing company. They support all their cotton producers by paying a fair price for their hard work, and as such, they are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. Through their journey, the company has been influenced by many amazing people and organizations, and they try to show appreciation in all that they do.

To get more information on EATTHERICH, visit their website at: or myspace at: You can also take a look at their online webstore:


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