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Brand Profile: DIMEX

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DIMEX was founded in 1999 by Christian Vidaurrazaga, out of San Bernadino, California. As a brand, they are a new movement that has furthermore, developed into a lifestyle, drawing its inspirations from Latin Culture and life as an American, as well as the arts, culture, and love. With a cool look and vibe, DIMEX’s apparel is targeted towards kids of all ages to adults, but mostly to those with some Latino American background.

Design and art has been a part of my life for four and a half years, but the conception has been with me since birth. My inspiration comes from culture, Mexican culture. It has been like that ever since I can remember.

This brand is dedicated to the ones that have been waiting for something like this, the ones that have felt incomplete in the way they live, and the ones that wanted a way to express who they really are inside.


DIMEX began their journey with one simple shirt design, which opened the way for the brand. Christian came up with the company to produce not only designs, but designs with history and lots of traditional culture. Many can relate to the art, and those that can’t have the opportunity to become educated in a little bit of Mexican pop culture.

To get more information on DIMEX, visit their website at:, myspace at:, and online webstore at:

DIMEX shirt DIMEX shirt
DIMEX shirt DIMEX shirt

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