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Brand Profile: CommonThreadz

CommonThreadz is a nonprofit organization that is working to provide orphans and vulnerable children in developing nations the chance of an education, and social acceptance, by providing them with much-needed school uniforms. In addition to more conventional charity fundraising methods, the company builds awareness and funds their mission through their own line of socially-conscious apparel. For every t-shirt you buy, CommonThreadz gives a school uniform to an orphan or vulnerable child in the developing world. Leading artists donate the designs, and celebrities lend their influence for limited-edition and individually-numbered garments.

CommonThreadz was inspired by a desire to address an extremely important, yet underexposed social cause, and to utilize art/fashion to help bring that mission to fruition. The company currently offers over twenty distinctive designs, all raising funds and awareness for various causes. To get more information on CommonThreadz, and to check out their full line of apparel, visit their website at:

CommonThreadz shirt CommonThreadz shirt CommonThreadz shirt

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