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Brand Profile: CALLE

CALLE is a company based out of L.A., California, that got the ball rolling around the Summer of 2006. Operated by Travis Winn, Josh Robbins, Casey Waldron, Tyler Winn, Steve Magleby, and Klane Harding, this urban lifestyle brand was founded on the concepts of street soccer. CALLE literally means “street” in Spanish, and the brand has retailers across the country, which mainly consists of soccer pro shops. However, they are also in the process of venturing into boutiques and snow/surf/skate shops too.

CALLE’s products are designed with both fashion and function in mind. The CALLE movement encompasses two aspects: playing calle, and CALLE gear & apparel. The company’s clothing is for soccer players and anyone who’s representing the street.

Many investors and business plan competitions have ranked CALLE in the top, compared with other business plans and ideas across the country. In fact, CALLE has won over $65,000 in cash prizes from these business plan competitions, including the BYU Business Plan Comp, and the Fortune Small Business Plan Comp, based in Manhattan, New York.

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CALLE hat CALLE shirt
CALLE shirt CALLE shirt

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