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Clothing Wire Progress Update #3

Just a quick update to our readers:

If you haven’t already noticed, there are two new sidebar features that have been incorporated into Clothing Wire.

The first is a “Recently Comented Posts” sidebar which, as you might guess, will list the ten most recently commented posts, along with the # of comments that have been made. This will hopefully encourage more people to take part in commenting, and engaging in the Clothing Wire community.

The second sidebar which has been added is called the “Random Brand Profiles” feature, which will randomly show ten brand profiles within Clothing Wire’s archives. This is an easy way for people to browse and view random clothing brands. Every page refresh and visit will result in different profiles being displayed. So if your company hasn’t made a profile yet, send us an email so we can get you in our archives!

Clothing Wire is constantly responding to all your emails and working for you. Send us any comments, questions, or ideas for new features, and we will definitely put all our effort into doing what we can.

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