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Brand Profile: Soapy Laundry

Soapy Laundry is a fairly new clothing brand started back in November of 2007. Originally a vision between two friends, the brand has been building up a local fan base, and hopes to increase their online presence for the Summer of 2008. Although the company’s owners maintain full-time jobs, they continue to put a lot of hard work into their apparel, and strive to keep their dream alive.

A new website for Soapy Laundry is in development, and should be ready by June 2008. Two of their latest designs are now available for purchase at the official Soapy Laundry store: Supplies are limited. Stay tuned over the next few months for new releases from the company. To get in touch with Soapy Laundry or find out more about them, visit their myspace at:

Soapy Laundry shirt Soapy Laundry shirt

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