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Brand Profile: Never In Wonderland Clothing

Never In Wonderland Clothing banner

Never In Wonderland Clothing was founded by Daren Girdner, and his girlfriend Kassie DeBoer, while still in high school. The company was started just for fun, with the desire to create apparel people might like to wear, and began with only one design. When their initial design started selling out, Daren and Kassie decided the company was something they wanted to pursue further, and the brand took off.

Never In Wonderland’s goal is to create clothing that is original, bright, and unique. The shirts are cut and sewn from scratch, professionally silk-screened, and designed to appeal to a wide audience. NIWL only makes a limited amount of each design, so once a batch is sold out, they aren’t printed again.

To get more information on Never In Wonderland, visit their website at:, myspace at:, and their webstore here.

Never In Wonderland Apparel Poster

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  1. Cassy LaMoria
    12. Jun, 2009 at 8:15 am #

    really like the designs. 😀 i’d buy some if i wasn’t so friggin poor.

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