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Brand Profile: Fantastic Bonanza

Fantastic Bonanza logoFantastic Bonanza is an indie t-shirt company founded by Joe Wasserman, Greg Poulos, and John Chouinard in the summer of 2006. Having known each other since high school, the three friends started the company in their sophmore year at college, when they developed a penchant for t-shirts.

Fantastic Bonanza was created partially in response to the company Threadless. Joe, Greg, and John had all worn Threadless tees, but thought they were becoming too popular and mainstream by public standards. So they decided to create shirts that would please themselves, and hopefully others, by using quirky, clever, irreverent, and humorous designs. In essence, Fantastic Bonanza aims to target anybody who wants to put a smile on their face, because thats what their apparel does.

To get more info on Fantastic Bonanza and to view their full line of merchandise, visit their website at:

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