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Brand Profile: Diadem Brand

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Diadem Brand is a company based out of Northern California, operated by Brian Burrow and his wife. Officially founded in early 2008, the brand aims to bridge gaps and blur lines in the independent clothing industry, while still maintaining a full, committed dedication to representing Jesus Christ with every piece of apparel. Relevant scripture-based designs coupled with graphic symbolism set the wearer apart from the norm.

Although Diadem Brand is a 100% “Christian” brand, the clothing they produce is meant to appeal to anyone regardless of what you believe in. Targeting today’s young adults, Diadem is stylistically inspired by the metal and hardcore scenes. The company’s apparel however, will never be sanctioned or limited to one specific style or genre, because it is ever-evolving and moving forward.

To get more info on Diadem Brand, visit their myspace at:, and online webstore at:

Diadem Brand shirt Diadem Brand shirt

2 Responses to “Brand Profile: Diadem Brand”

  1. mackie
    03. Jan, 2009 at 5:58 pm #

    those designs are as generic as fuck!

    get out before you go broke, no one’s buying this shit.

    you don’t even have actual printed garments to show,
    you just have comps. that proves you don’t believe in
    your designs enough to actually produce them
    until you get enough orders. good luck with that.

    fucking beginner.

  2. Brian from Diadem Brand
    28. Sep, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    sIn regards to Mackie’s low esteemed comment (albeit a year later). Season One sold out within a few months. My new design has been a huge success prompting a restock to fulfill online orders. I sponsor worldwide touring bands and my shirts are in several continents across the world.

    I was a beginner when this review was made, that’s true. But I did and do continue to believe in my product. Scope the pics in the Which God Do You Serve album and the Rockstars album on the Myspace page to see dozens of satisfied customers. And that doesn’t scratch the surface of the how many of my generic shirts are out there.

    Sorry that I gave you such a hissy fit, Mr. Mackie. Hang in there, chief.

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