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Brand Profile: Bridgeport Republic

Bridgeport Republic banner

Bridgeport Republic Clothing was founded in 2003 by Chris Beattie and Darryl Pettway. Based out of Bridgeport, CT, the brand has developed a loyal following in the underground music scene, as well in the city of Bridgeport and surrounding areas. The company’s target audience includes music fans, hustlers, and anyone else who lives their life like there’s no tomorrow.

Chris and Darryl are artists/musicians who were born and raised in Bridgeport. Growing up, the two were schooled in all aspects of street culture, and immersed themselves in the indie music/art scene, absorbing the values of DIY ethics. Together, they envisioned a universal line of apparel that was derived from the streets, which still appealed to people from all walks of life. The final result was a line of quality clothing which had no boundaries.

To find out more about Bridgeport Republic and their apparel, visit their website at: or their myspace at:

Bridgeport Republic shirt Bridgeport Republic shirt

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