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Brand Profile: B.Cuz Clothing

B.Cuz Clothing logo

B.Cuz Clothing was co-founded by Emmanual Sheppard and Kennedy Amanquah in April 2008. As a company, they strive to be creative, different, and meaningful through the designs they produce. What you wear does represent who you are, and it tends to portray the best in you. Because of this, B.Cuz believes that fashion is about expressing yourself – your inner beauty, as well as your taste for creativity, portrayed on the outside.

B.Cuz Clothing wants people to wear apparel that has meaning, both to themselves and others. They believe that apart from nice designs, every article of clothing should tell a story, because essentially it is a piece of art – and that is what’s missing in today’s streetwear industry. B.Cuz Clothing promises to deliver just that.

B.Cuz Clothing is currently an emerging brand, so to keep posted on the company, make note of their new myspace at:, and future online webstore at: Stay tuned for updates.

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